Philadelphia Garage Doors: Steel, Wood and Fiberglass

Philadelphia garage doors come in three types of materials. You can choose from various styles and designs in wood, metal, and fiberglass. When you want to achieve a rustic and natural look opt for wood. Wood is flexible and can be carved and painted to suit your exterior design needs. Look for the right finish and order one custom made if your door size is unique. A proper finish ensures the door can withstand hazardous weather conditions.

If you are in an area where the weather is very extreme, the steel and aluminum doors will be the best choice. Wood can shrink in extreme cold while metal provides for better protection against bad weather. Whatever option you consider, it is good to get the best advice from a professional. They know all about the types of materials on the market and can guide you on cost as well. Steel doors are most durable and will remain a part of your house for decades to come. They are better as compared to wood in extreme winds. The core of the steel door is designed from polyurethane foam insulation. This makes steel doors a preferable choice for both hot and cold areas.

If you need something more durable than wood, but less costly than steel then your best option will be fiberglass. These doors also come with a core insulation that is made of polyurethane foam to protect homeowners located in areas that have the extreme climates. Fiberglass doors are great for areas that get a lot of severe hailstorms, windstorms and rains. While steel doors may dent in a hail storm, these doors do not dent at all. They also do not split like wooden doors.

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